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CreGAAtine is a unique creatine proprietary blend that contains creatine precursor GAA – Guanidinoacetic acid. It brings magic to your body and brain. Developed and delivered by Applied Bioenergetic Lab and Carnomeda.

CreGAAtine is an evidence-based nutraceutical. You can take a deep dive with our wrapped-up science pdf or go even further and read some of the 200+ GAA research studies.
CreGAAtine is safe, patented, and doping-free verified. Award-winning research result by the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN).
CreGAAtine dramatically improves creatine levels in the muscles and the brain. Most of us are hugely deficient in creatine. See the research on how much creatine you need.
CreGAAtine won the first prize voted by the audience and took the title of the supplement of the year at the largest fitness fair in Eastern and Central Europe – FIWE.

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